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Why and When I Lost All Interest in Major League Baseball


When I was a kid growing up, heated discussions came up regarding whether or not my friends and I thought that professional wrestling was "fake" or not. Most of us knew that it was. This is called "controlled opposition". The thinking goes something like this....Yeah, everybody knows that wrestling is "scripted entertainment", but all of those other professional sports -- they're real. Or so I thought until sometime in 2015 when the actual truth about gematria was revealed to me. Because I was a baseball fan for most of my life and was so into numbers and statistics, it was easy for me to see, but saddened me greatly.


My former love for the game of baseball began before I was ten years old. I enjoyed playing on a CYC baseball team associated with the Catholic grade school I attended. My dad drove me to practices and helped coach the team, even managed for a season or two. Later, I was part of a Khoury League team. I remember being required to sell several cases of Beich's candy bars for fundraising to help pay for playing on the team. I played mostly first base, outfield, and catcher, and was a decent hitter, but I only ever hit one home run. I was not talented enough to make my high school team. If only I knew that I needed glasses or contact lenses :(


Growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri, I naturally became interested in the Cardinals. Just when my younger brother and I started to get heavily into collecting Donruss, Fleer, and Topps baseball cards, the 1981 MLB season was shortened due to the strike. Even though the Cards had the best overall record in the National League East Division in 1981, they finished in second place in both the first and second half and therefore missed the playoffs. Notice above that "CARDINALS" equals 81 in English Ordinal like "MLB BASEBALL". Also notice that "MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL" equals 162 in English Ordinal which happens to be the number of games played in a full MLB season, and that "BASEBALL" and "CARDINALS" are also 162 in Reverse Ordinal. "MLB BASEBALL" and "1981 BASEBALL STRIKE" are 216 and 261 respectively in Reverse Ordinal which are "numeric anagrams" of 162. "1981 BASEBALL STRIKE" and "MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL" share a 117 for Reverse Full Reduction.

Fortunately, the Cardinals went all the way and won the World Series in 1982. Naturally I became a diehard Cards fan at the age of eleven. They went to the World Series again in 1985 and 1987 but lost both times. The majority of my active sportscard collecting ended near the end of the eighties.

Fast Forwarding to '98


'98 was the year of the Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa single season home run record chase. Notice above how "MARK MCGWIRE HOME RUN" just happens to equal 98 in Full Reduction gematria, and "SAMMY SOSA HOME RUN" just happens to equal 66, the EXACT NUMBER OF HOME RUNS he hit that year!! These are the two exact phrases that caught my interest enough to go deeper down the "scripted sports" rabbit hole several years ago.

This was also the same year I married my wife Frances. As a matter of fact, McGwire hit number 60 to tie Babe Ruth on September 5, 1998, while we were at the church getting married. Cincinnati Reds at St. Louis Cardinals Box Score, September 5, 1998



9 / 8 / '98 at 8:18

Mark McGwire hit home run number 62 three days later to pass Roger Maris while playing against Sammy Sosa and the Chicago Cubs!! Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals Box Score, September 8, 1998


Notice above that the word "CARDINAL" equals 62 in English Ordinal gematria. "9/8/98 @ 8:18pm", "JOE BUCK HOME RUN", and "CHICAGO @ ST LOUIS" are each 62 in Full Reduction gematria, while "JOE BUCK HOME RUN" and "CHICAGO @ ST LOUIS" are a 3/4 match. Also, notice in the YouTube video that Trachsel was wearing jersey number 46 while giving up the record breaking home run at "8:18pm" which equals 46 in English Ordinal while pitching for the "CHICAGO CUBS" which equals 46 in Full Reduction and 62 in Reverse Full Reduction!!!


Notice above that the phrase "HOME RUN RACE" and "MARK MCGWIRE" are a 3/4 match, as are "MLB SCRIPTED", "SCREEN ACTOR", and "MARK MCGWIRE". "MLB SCRIPTED", "SCREEN ACTOR", "62 HOME RUNS", and "SHATTERING" are a 2/4 match to each other. "TOUCH FIRST" and "SINGLE SEASON" share 2/4 numbers with each other. "STEVE TRACHSEL" even shares the number 49 in Full Reduction! Also notice under the Full Reduction column, the number 58 "just happens to be" the total home runs McGwire hit during the previous 1997 season splitting time between the Oakland Athletics and Cardinals, and 49 "just happens to be" the number of home runs McGwire hit in his 1987 American League Rookie of the Year season.


Notice above that "HOMER SIXTY TWO" equals 70 in Full Reduction, the exact number of home runs that McGwire finished the '98 season with, and "NUMBER SIXTY TWO" equals 66 in Full Reduction, the exact number of home runs that Sosa finished with!!


The average length of a Major League Baseball game is over three hours. If you multiply that times one hundred sixty two games per season, you can save yourself about five hundred hours of time each year as well as the artificial six-month emotional rollercoaster ride by SIMPLY REFUSING TO PAY ANY ATTENTION TO SCRIPTED MLB GAMES, and that doesn't even include the preseason or postseason. What a good deal!




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