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Why We Homeschool Our Younger Son

Our younger son ****** started reading when he was two years old; he is now fourteen and well over six feet tall. (His older brother ******** graduated from one of the magnet schools in the St. Louis public school system in 2012 and is now twenty-eight years old.) I distinctly remember being at one of his medical appointments with my wife before ****** turned three when he was reading the posters and papers on the walls out loud and his nurse practitioner was completely amazed. My wife and I both knew he was different.

When he was nearing kindergarten age, we decided to send him to a newly-opening charter school located in St. Louis City, thinking it was our best possible option. Something in my gut was hesitant, but home schooling was not even on our radar at that time. It was obvious from the very beginning of kindergarten that he was extremely bored as he was already an excellent reader and quite adept at typing and using our home computer. (He was also by far the tallest child in his class and grade.) His teacher quickly realized his boredom and he was allowed to sit in with some of the classes of the first and second graders.

We agreed to let the school have him tested and evaluated for an IEP and we found out he had a high IQ as well as high-functioning autism. I had suspected this as my previous research of Asperger's had shown my wife and I that he has many of the classic characteristics. Around this time, he started having "behavior problems" and an occasional seizure at school when he got stressed out. After the school felt like they could no longer handle him appropriately, they called us into a meeting to request that we "temporarily" send him to an alternative school. We didn't like that idea, so we decided that we needed to homeschool him instead.


If my wife and I had known about gematria before he started school, we may have homeschooled him from the very beginning. We now realized that his behavioral issues and epileptic episodes at school were our "wake up call" from God. Notice above that "SELF LEARN", "EDUCATION", and "BE PATIENT" are exact four for four matches to each other, and a 3/4 match to our son's first and last name "****** COOK" along with "LEARNERS". Also notice that "GOD BLESSED" is a perfect match to his first and last name :)


Notice on the top two lines above under English Ordinal the numeric anagram 134/143, under Full Reduction the matching 71, and under Reverse Full Reduction the matching 55 for "HIGH FUNCTION" and "HOME SCHOOLING". "DIVINE CREATOR" is a 3/4 match to both "HOME SCHOOLING" and "LEARNING TO READ". 143 and 71 match our son's full name "****** ******* COOK". "HE IS AUTISTIC" is a 143 in English Ordinal as well as matching the 82 in Reverse Full Reduction for "DIVINE CREATOR" and "LEARNING TO READ". It totally makes sense why he was reading at the age of two.


Notice the continuing 71 theme. As you can see above, "DAD AT HOME" and "BEING FREE" are 3/4 matches, and "ASPERGER" has the matching numeric anagram 127/172 under Reverse Ordinal and 46 under Reverse Full Reduction. The word "SPEAKS" definitely applies to him, and is a 3/4 match to "SMART" which is also a 71 in English Ordinal and a 2/4 match to our last name "COOK". "ASPERGER" and "COOK" share the number 44 and the numeric anagram 46/64. Most importantly, notice that "GOD" and "IQ" are a 3/4 match!!!


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